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The start of an era

December 1st marked the start of the massive Civil Engineering project we are undertaking at GalvanizeUK. A local civil engineering Creaghan & Son Ltd was contracted to dig the 3 huge pits required for our galvanizing facility and D & N Sheffield have been contracted to supply their expertise in fixing the reinforcement and supply of concrete

Before any digging could be done the concrete floor needed to be cut and broken up, once completed an estimated 2500tn of soil will need to be removed. Once removed an estimated 25tn of steel reinforcing and 300 tn of concrete will be required on this massive project.

Local, Independent & Reliable

GalvanizeUK, an independent galvanizer who will be collecting and delivering steelwork in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Humberside, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Teeside and beyond hope to have the civil engineering complete by the end of March. An ambitious deadline but one that could be achieved by a brilliant crew.

The team at GalvanizeUK are sure to set the standard when it comes to impeccable service in the industry.   Not held back by big group mentality – they will be leaders for sure!

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