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It’s starting to look like a Galvanizing Plant!

They are here, on time and to Specification….

So, when you need 8 process tanks in 2 months on a tight budget there really is only one company to contact, fortunately after having a working relationship with TR Fabrications in Dinnington for over 10 years we had the good fortune to know that they could deliver.

The process tanks 6.5m x 2.8m x 1.2m were design, constructed, painted and delivered on time and to specification.

The tanks looked great leaving their premises, looked even better when dropping in to our acid containment pit and splendid after they safely landed by Cork Cranes.

The acid tanks will be used to pickle steelwork ready for our customers who come from Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool. Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and all other towns and villages within a 60 mile radius.

Local, Independent & Reliable

GalvanizeUK, an independent galvanizer who will be collecting and delivering steelwork in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Humberside, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Teeside and beyond hope to have the civil engineering complete by the end of March. An ambitious deadline but one that could be achieved by a brilliant crew.

The team at GalvanizeUK are sure to set the standard when it comes to impeccable service in the industry.   Not held back by big group mentality – they will be leaders for sure!

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