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Lets Celebrate – Civils Work Completed

Despite having to remove 50tn of reinforced concrete floor, extract and dispose of 2500tn of soil, create 3 pits consisting of 25tn of reinforced steel bar walls and 300tn of concrete the massive civil engineering project has been completed within 11 weeks. There have been early starts, late finishes and even a few days over Christmas to ensure this project has been completed on time and within budget. GalvanizeUK, the countries newest Hot Dip Galvanizing Company have been working with Creaghan&Son and D & N Sheffield throughout the last 11 weeks. The quality of the workmanship from both contractors has been outstanding and the working relationship with both contractors has been first class. Thank You Guys

Now its time to put in some equipment because customers and clients in the UK need a new galvanizer. A galvanizer dedicated to provide exceptional service to fabricators who deserve more

Comment from D & N

D & N – Rory Carroll. “This has been a fantastic project to work on and one which we are immensely proud of considering the tight deadlines required. Normally when deadlines are tight relationships can get a little frayed, however Justin and Robert have been fantastic clients. The communication has been first class and any issues that have arisen were dealt with swiftly thanks to our great working relationship.”

Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Doncaster, Sheffield & Hull now have a brand new independent galvanizer within an hours reach!

GalvanizeUK, the UK leading independent galvanizer of steelwork based near Pontefract, West Yorkshire will continue this policy as we continue to grow. If you think you could provide us with a product or service which may benefit both parties why not give GalvanizeUK a call on 01977 411250

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COVID–19 (Coronavirus) Update

We have seen a rapid change in the spread of the coronavirus and the threat that it poses to everyone. Many companies have taken the understandable decision to close for the next few weeks while others offer services to sectors that need continued supplies for their operation despite the challenges this poses.

Galvanizing covers a wide range of industries and we have carried out a detailed survey of many of our customers to find out what will be needed over the coming weeks.

Consequently, we will continue operating at the present time to fulfil the needs of those that need us as part of their essential supply chain.

To enable us to operate safely, over the last two weeks we have reduced the number of personnel on site to minimise the risk and all vulnerable and non-essential personnel plus those that can work from home, have been doing so in line with the latest government guidance.

Those that continue to work are only allowed to do so if they can work while applying the strict distancing and hygiene rules that are essential to keep people safe from potential contagion. Measures include the reduction in shift numbers, staggered start and break times, regular sanitization, full guidance and information about washing and cleaning of hands and a strict 2 metre distance rule wherever possible.

Though the Galvanizing industry is very competitive, it is also a relatively small one. I want to take this opportunity to offer the best wishes of everyone in the team at GalvanizeUK to the many old colleagues and friends throughout the industry and its supply chain for the difficult weeks ahead.

If you need to contact us, you can do so through the usual channels and we will continue to offer the high level of service you have been accustomed to.

We will keep you informed of any change to our operating position in due course.

Robert Mohan
Managing Director
Man driving a forklift