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Training for the future

GalvanizeUK, the independent galvanizing specialist believe that if you want to get the best out of your employees you need to actively invest in their training.

GalvanizeUK, based in West Yorkshire made a commitment to all the employees that were joining the company that we would provide them with the training and ultimately a test to gain their fork truck licence. This commitment was made regardless of their previous fork truck experience.

The new employees who are joining our company in the near future undertook this training in their own time, this showed to us the dedication they were making to us that they were willing to do this in their own time and also their appreciation that we were investing in them.

Investing In our employees

After using our LinkedIn contacts we found Prior to the courses Paul Tudor visited GalvanizeUK to ensure the that the premises was suitable and briefed the attending tutor.

We are delighted that the 6 employees who undertook the training last week all passed. This wasn’t an in-house qualification, this was a national RTITB accreditation. A further 6 will be undertaking the same course over the coming weeks.

Well done guys

Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Doncaster, Sheffield & Hull now have a brand new independent galvanizer within an hours reach!

GalvanizeUK, the UK leading independent galvanizer of steelwork based near Pontefract, West Yorkshire will continue this policy as we continue to grow. If you think you could provide us with a product or service which may benefit both parties why not give GalvanizeUK a call on 01977 411250

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